Advisory Services

IRTG provides advisory services in the following six areas:

•Market Landscape Analysis

Understand the state of Iran’s marketplace, the major players, and potential for comparative advantage and first-to-market opportunities.

•Risk Assessment

Account for and manage the risks endemic to conducting operations in Iran, with a special focus on sanctions and related legal issues.

•Branding and Marketing

Leverage the mentality of both ardent smokers and those who wish to quit in order to achieve project aims. Tailor offerings to meet demand.

•Strategic Consulting and JV Opportunities 

Devise feasible strategy and identity joint venture partners within Iran to provide on-the-ground support for a market entry or new product launch.

•Political and Cultural Awareness

Develop awareness of Iranian smoking culture and the political and social significance of cigarettes in Iran.

•Public/Private Partnerships

Tap into the organizational knowhow of Iran’s public institutions to support efforts better manage the harms of cigarettes.

Our services provide both companies currently operating in Iran and those yet to establish business in the country the insights necessary for the engagement of new opportunities and the maximization of organizational aims. We seek to serve both tobacco product manufacturers and smoking cessation treatment providers, capturing the full breadth of the smoking market in Iran.