Our Associates

ITRG has access to the efforts and talents of an international network of experts on tobacco markets and tobacco control. ITRG’s research and advisory services are led by two Senior Research Associates who engage with their peers in the business, scholarly, and medical communities to advance organizational aims.

Esfandyar Batmanghelidj

Esfandyar’s work on cigarettes focuses on the political, social, and economic aspects of nicotine addiction in Iran. His research has been published in several peer-review outlets, including the Encyclopedia Iranica and the journal Iranian Studies. His work has been translated in prominent medical literature in Iran with the cooperation of the Iranian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization. He is a summa cum laude graduate of Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science from Columbia University in New York City, United States.

Dr. Gholamreza Heydari

Dr. Heydari is among the foremost medical experts in Iran on the issues of nicotine addition and tobacco control, having authored over 50 articles examining the public health challenge of smoking and offering potential strategies for smoking cessation treatment. He has served on numerous regional and international committees working towards new approaches on tobacco control. Dr. Heydari holds an M.D. from Hamedan University of Medical Sciences and a Ph.D. in research in epidemiology from Shahid Beheshti Medical University. He is based at the National Research Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease in Tehran, Iran.