About ITRG

Iran Tobacco Research Group is a research advisory company specializing in Iran’s tobacco industry.

Our services combine expertise in the commercial market for tobacco products with insights into the sociomedical and cultural impact of smoking in Iran. ITRG research unlocks market opportunities for both cigarette manufacturers and cessation treatment providers.

We leverage social science research methods to produce high quality materials to our client’s specifications, offering the market intelligence needed to engage Iran’s massive tobacco-related opportunities.

Our mission is to improve the overall quality and variety of information available about Iran’s tobacco industry for both private and public sector applications, in the hope that Iran’s tobacco market matures responsibly and inline with the best international standards. We seek to support the development of Iran’s tobacco market in the following ways:

•To see an overall reduction in smoking prevelence in Iran
•Reduce the impact of tobacco smuggling and raise tax revenues
•Strengthen the regulation of tobacco products
•Enable smokers to successfully quit the habit
•Encourage corporate social responsibility on the part of tobacco companies operating in Iran

The sale of tobacco products can remain a highly profitable commercial enterprise for both the state owned and international entities, but the market must evolve to reduce its harms. Our research seeks to understand the pathways to a better managed market for cigarettes.